Installations for automotive and nautical use

Also for large and luxury vehicles and objects


Usually, surface treatment in the automotive and nautical sector involves large capital and consumer goods. Examples include coachwork, luxury cars, trucks and caravans, but also (luxury) inland and ocean-going yachts.



Automotive & nautical: new builds and damage repair

Soloan not only designs and delivers installations to building and construction companies in these sectors, but also to small and large repair companies, such as vehicle damage repair firms. We know the high standards they have for surface treatment and for routing and setting up processes. In terms of design and execution, our spray and dry installations perfectly match these standards.


Coating booths for trucks and yachts

We also realize special coating booths for trucks and yachts. In order to treat these large objects properly, we can fit the booths with vertical, horizontal, diagonal or double-diagonal airflows. By using our ultra-flat light fittings (just 5 cm thick!), we are easily able to assemble multiple rows of lighting with bevelled sides to roofs and walls, thus creating entire lighting strips for you.

We even go so far that, if required, we can assemble Liftman mobile work platforms and realize mobile installations so that you can quickly and comfortably treat any object safely, no matter how big or high.

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