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Useful rail systems

Make your production process even more efficient, safe and convenient.


Rail systems are used for hanging objects and transporting them between processes.


Advantages of rail systems

By hanging your products, they are out of the way and you save valuable storage space. The work floor remains clear and accessible, without empty material trolleys, so that employees can concentrate better on the quality of their work.

At the same time, handling runs more easily and flexibly, because fewer personnel are required and there are fewer health and safety issues. This allows you to limit the risk of damage or injury while you increase the throughput speed. The favourable return on investment means that a rail system will automatically pay for itself.



Choice of rail systems

Soloan designs and custom-builds rail and hanging systems that are easy to use. You can opt for manual operation (low-maintenance), automatic operation or a combination of the two;

  • monorail rail system: hand operated;
  • chain conveyor rail system: motorised;
  • S7 monorail: hand operated + motorised product carriers that require a fully automatic conveyor, such as for a conveyor tunnel or flow coat;
  • Power & Free rail system: combination of a chain conveyor (Power) as upper rail and a monorail (Free) as lower rail for optimal flexibility.



Custom-built rail transport

Soloan gives you the option of having your rail transport system custom-built in different ways. If there is a requirement to buffer loads, instead of a single model conveyor stringer you can opt for a double model with the aid of transverse beams. This allows you to create buffers on a small surface, for example in drying tunnels.

It is also possible to hoist or lower part of the rail with the aid of a drop section, in order to perform a certain process (loading, unloading, spraying, degreasing, etc.). Another option is the use of rail breakers on doors, for example.


Modular and future-proof

Besides functionality, Soloan also takes into account your spatial needs and any future requirements. We evaluate whether the potential steel structure is sufficiently strong enough to bear the rail system. If not, we can then construct an appropriate prefab steel structure.

The unique thing about a Soloan rail system is that our modular configuration always enables you to opt for a side-mounted motor at a later stage. We couple the prefab motor to the existing Soloan system without having to dismantle or replace the existing rail system.



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